Spine Chillers: Goths

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'Spine-Chillers' was a short-lived horror/comedy anthology show that was screened initially on BBC 3 before being shown on late night BBC 1. I remember watching one of the episodes of this series last year. 'Goths' starred Mackenzie Crook (with a truly awful black wig) and somebody I can't recall as a couple of the above mentioned sub-section of society looking for somewhere to live. After numerous rejections they find a place with a full-on Goth landlord Balfus, played with bug-eyed intensity by Mark Heap. He's a bit of a head case, insistent on getting his rent on time and who also has a thing against 'weekenders', those that only dabble in the Goth life-style. After altering the place to their liking (a very funny sequence where the Crook and the other guy paint their new place completely black and then relax with a cup of tea with the milk dyed black) and hold a house-warming they begin to notice weird stuff happening around the house and the landlord is getting particularly insistent on getting his rent.
Review by Gareth_Hacking

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