Weird OB Ad

When you guess what this ad is for, two things will come to your mind: Ew! and Why!?

Have you ever wanted Superpowers?

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Game: Darkbase

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Top-down shooter with alien invasion theme. Always fun.


Extreme Sheep Herding

Welsh sheep herders got nothing else to do, i guess (no jokes there).

What's in the Box?

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Fan-made Half-Life 2 video, or Valve's viral scheme towards a new HL game? Time to Speculate


I Want to Be Leaf

Am I a proper geek now?

Dalek Found in English Pond

Would it shock you if it was you finding it? Would you have a Charlton Heston momento and scream 'You bastards!', but for completely different reasons?

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The Dark Side Saves the Planet

Advertising Agency: Germaine Brussels
Creative Director: Dirk Domen
Creatives: Jef Boes, Pieter Claeys
Photographer: Evert Thiry
Retouch: kaydesign.be

Sooner or Later


At the end of World War II the Nazis build a time machine. This technology would enable them to snatch victory. However, nobody knows what will really happen if they succeed.

Original title: Előbb-utóbb
Year of production: 2006
Shooting format: 35mm
Director: István Madarász
Scriptwriter: István Madarász
D.O.P: Gábor Marosi
Editor: István Madarász
Music: Illés Pető

Officer: Péter Albert
Subject: Illés Nyitrai