Pidgeon: Impossible

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Walter Beckett, a junior CIA agent, receives a briefcase that controls a nuclear missile. The hand-off goes smoothly, until a pigeon gets trapped inside. Pigeon: Impossible is a six-minute short film by Lucas Martell. It is his first animated film, and it took him almost five years to complete it.


The Beatles Album from Another Dimension

"Everyday Chemistry"  

On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me. 

I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released.

I dont expect you to believe what happened to me, I sure wouldn't, but thats why I grabbed the tape as proof that my experience was real.
The Story of the Tape
If you want to download the album use the links to the left or grab the zip file!

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The World's Greatest Soda Pop Store

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John Nese is the owner of Soda Pop Stop pop only store in LA. Listening to him rattle off what makes or breaks a good soft drink, makes me thirsty. Listening to his passion about supporting the little man in the face of large corporate pressure in the marketplace is just plain refreshing.

(From The Desk of the Mayor)


Berlinsky's Report in Zombie Haiti

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I was eager to meet a zombie for myself, and began making appropriate inquiries. Several weeks later, my wife came home from a judicial conference. Making small talk, a local judicial official mentioned the strange case of zombification that his courtroom had seen not several months before. The case was, he said, “un peu spectaculaire.”

I met Judge Isaac Etienne a week or so later at his unfinished concrete house in the village of Roseaux. Roseaux is on the sea, and the fishermen, their nets already in, were stretched out on the small grassy town square, drinking rum and playing dominoes under a dazzling midmorning sun. The judge was a boyish-looking man of 42, slender, wearing baggy surfer shorts, flip-flops, and a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt.

The dossier was, at bottom, a murder story, the judge said — but it was a murder story with the great oddity that the victim did not die.


Riese: The Series

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Riese is a world of moral ambiguity and political intrigue.
A decimated land populated by characters from dreams and nightmares. Loyalties are ever in question, suspicion in the minds of all. The realm, however, was not always so cruel. Everything began with a peaceful nation called Eleysia.

The Kingdom of the Wolf, Eleysia was once prosperous due largely to the influence of Empress Kara and Emperor Ulric. This all changed when a coup d’etat, orchestrated from the shadows by a religious cult,
brought about a total regime change.

Taking the throne was Amara, the Empress’s cousin.
A power-hungry tyrant, Amara immediately utilized Eleysia’s wealth and power to begin colonizing the world, crushing nation after nation in order to unite the people under one banner. Even as she assaulted the world, an ominous, enigmatic group clearly wielded power over her. Called The Sect, they purported themselves to be the official religion of Eleysia, and began to spread alongside Eleysia’s borders.


Brain Cake for all Ocasions


Making a Brain cake is fun, cheap and great for Halloween parties or get-togethers. This is a basic instructable to show you how to make the details for this cake, the size and shape depends on your preferences. You can do similar designs for cupcakes or even flat cakes depending on what best fits your needs. This cake is made from two 8 inch pan cakes that were cut and assembled together to make a more realistic brain cake. The gore is also optional, although it does make the cake look more grusome and realistic.


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Bloody Brain Shooter

Channel your inner mad scientist with this Bloody Brain Shooter. Mixing acidic lime juice and Irish cream causes the cream to curdle, creating brain-like strands in the shot.


1 1/4 oz. strawberry vodka such as Stoli
1/8 oz. Rose's lime juice
3/4 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
Splash of grenadine


Chill vodka for better smoothness. Add vodka and lime juice to a shaker, shake and strain into a shot glass. Using a straw, dip some Bailey's Irish Cream into the shot. Once you submerge the straw into the Bailey's put your finger on top of the straw to hold the Bailey's in the straw. Dip the straw tip into the vodka and slowly release your top finger. The Bailey's will curdle a little bit due to the lime juice and you should be able to make strands of Bailey's.

Repeat the straw/Bailey's process to build a "brain" in the shot glass. Add a splash of grenadine to the concoction to add the 'blood' to the mix. Down the hatch as a shot.


Game: Trap Master

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Assassin's Creed Lineage

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Ubisoft's first short film series from Hybride, set in the world of Assassins Creed. Tune-in for the full broadcast premiere of Assassins Creed Lineage on Spike TV November 11th at Midnight. Check your local listings for more information.

When the Duke of Milan is brutally murdered, Giovanni Auditore - an Assassin - is dispatched to investigate the crime. His mission: determine who is responsible and why. The answers he uncovers implicate Italy's most powerful families, reaching all the way back to the Vatican itself. As Giovanni draws closer to the truth, he becomes hunted himself. He must expose the conspirators before he joins their ever-growing list of victims.


Tobacco Companies are Trying to Make Gamers Smoke!

Nothing that serious! (At least i hope not... Even though Big Tobacco exploits people and cultures from african and middle eastern countries, but that is another story).

Net You is selling these gems for all the SEGA console afficcionados of yore. You can take their word for it, or as they say: セガハードメモリアルジッポーライター.

They are known as the "Sega Memorial Hardware Zippo Lighter No.1 Mega Drive Model" and "Sega Memorial Hardware Zippo Lighter No. 2 Sega Saturn Model."

[Story from Anya Sang]


Geeky maternity t-shirts

Geeky maternity t-shirts: "loadingplease wait shirt.png

ThinkGeek has these fun maternity t-shirts perfect for parents who want their kids to be labeled as geeks even before they are born. I love the Loading... Please Wait design — unfortunately, the progress bar does not actually move.



16bit mascot insights

Tora Steve created a wonderful set about the secret thoughts of 16bit mascots.
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How to make a Big Daddy Costume

Blogger and Prop Maker Harrison Krix shows a step by step creation of Bioshock's Big Daddy brought to real life.



Museum of Animal Perspectives

Interesting collection of POV video streams on flickr
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Yellowbird "multi-dimensional" video

What does a bird have to do with the latest recording and displaying technology? Everything. Our technology is about enjoying a totally interactive 3D view. A view that reaches beyond today's standard perspective and that is experienced by viewers as if they are floating. Just like a bird soaring through the sky.

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Game: Street Fighter 2 CE

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Try it! It looks very loyal to the original.


Operation Midnight Climax

Watch Episodes:
[1 - What's in the bottle?]

Operation Midnight Climax, codename MKULTRA, was an operation overtaken by the CIA in the 50's that issued studies on the effects of LSD in unsuspecting and unconsenting individuals.

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Neuromancer is 25 years old

Brief analysis on what William Gibson's Neuromancer books got right, and what is far off from happening.

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Game: Gray

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A game with social commentary, or a social commentary that is innevitably a game?


He's Barack Obama!

JibJab's take on the now president of the United States, Barack Obama.


Being Homeless on The Sims 3

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Alice and Kev is a blog about 2 sims. They are a father and daughter with no money, no home and clashing personalities. It is an interesting experiment on the human condition, viewed through virtual characters. It can also be viewed as the ultimate "sims personality code" stress test.

This is Kev and his daughter Alice. They're living on a couple of park benches, surviving on free meals from work and school, and the occasional bucket of ice cream stolen from a neighbour's fridge.

When you create a Sim in The Sims 3, you can give them personality traits that alter their behaviour. Kev is hot-headed, mean-spirited, and inappropriate. He also dislikes children, and he's insane. He's basically the worst Dad in the world. He is a horrible human being, but he's also amusing to watch...

As her father dislikes children, he hates sleeping next to her. In the morning, he's always the first to wake, and he immediately throws a tantrum and wakes up Alice to tell her to leave the room. Alice understandably responds that they're not in a room, and she doesn't have anywhere to go. Then they argue, and Kev seems to blame Alice for every possible thing.



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Asleep for thousands of years between the roots of the tree Yggdrasil, the wolf Fenrir was awakened by the rays of the sun. Enraged, he becomes free of its bonds and climbing the tree.
Reaching the summit, he addresses the sun, without realizing that behind him, a hero appears.

Opening for a short film for the Festival International du Film d'Animation (FIFA) d'Annecy 2009. By Nuno Rodrigues Alves, Osama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonne, Aymeric Kevin, Ulysses Malassagne, training students to design and film animation (2nd year). The distribution of films produced by GOBELINS, the school of the image is ensured by Premium Movies (130 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, tel. 33 1 42 77 06 39, e-mail.: animation@premium-films.com).


Fallen Princesses

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Star Trek Cakes

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Following our Starcraft Cakes post, why not another nerdy round of taste?



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Directed by Bang-yao Liu
Music by Röyksopp
Sound design by Shaun Burdick


Drink a "Potion", get your energy back!

Made especially for the roleplaying games addicts, this is a limited edition energy drink, released for the Final Fantasy XII colector's edition
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Test your awareness

Can you spot who the murderer is? And can you spot the differences?



Oceansize is a CG short film made by 4 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008, Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazières and Fabien Thareau.


Russian Villain Caught

'Dmtry K' created a makeshift electric chair, lured their victims to his house with false pretenses, overpowered and electrocuted them. Even though this part of the story is of no laughing matter, his next claims are:
  • He claims to have created a camera that blasted victims with an electromagnetic ray, erasing their memories.

  • He also said he was building another machine that would stop passing cars by disabling the motor and then electrocute the driver.

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The 'Dark Side of The Moon' lines up with 'Animals'?

As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is inventive. Nigel Thurgood, a 'Floydian Analyst', claims that the songs in Dark Side of The Moon are aligned with the songs in Animals.

"You have to hit 'play' on Dark Side [of the Moon] the moment that Roger Waters sings the first line in 'Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)' on Animals, and the results are amazing," says the perspicacious Thurgood. "Then the similarities just keep on coming... no way could they be coincidental."

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Star Wars ABC

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Brad & Eileen's Wedding Video

This is an original way to show your children and grandchildren how your wedding day was like!


Today I Die

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Another gaming gem from Daniel Benmergui. Fix the poem so the girl lives.


Spider-Pig paradox

apparently Spider-Pig existed before the Simpson's reference.
I show you: Spider-Ham!

(...) it goes on to a total of 17 issues...

According to Wikipedia:
Spider-Ham (Peter Porker) is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic funny animal parody of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, created by Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong.

Little did I know that the Spider-Pig mythos existed before it existed...


Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Cutscenes

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Don't forget to watch the unskippable review of the game introduction:

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Final Fantasy VII - Dirge Of Cerberus (PS2)
by Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation2
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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Cutscenes

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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)
by Square Enix
Platform: Sony PSP
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Great stop-motion animation created by dokugyunyu

At first I photographed stop motion animation. And I displayed the photographs in my room and photographed it again. Enjoy a connection with the world of the room and the world in the photograph.オオカミとブタのコマ撮り写真を撮って、それを部屋に置いてい く様子を再びコマ撮りにしました。2重コマ撮り。写真と部屋、2次元と3次元が織りな す、次元ハイブリッドコマドリエクスタシーー!!!!!!


The Neuropsychology of Zombies

"They're coming to get you Barbara!"

When the reanimated corpses of the recently deceased begin to rise from the earth and seek human flesh as sustenance, a small group of survivors take refuge inside of a farmhouse. Armed only with guns, blunt instruments and the knowledge that a blow to the head is the only means of taking down their decaying assailants, the living must attempt to last the night. Director George A. Romero gave rise to the survival horror genre with this landmark film, and his vision of the slow-moving, cannibalistic walking dead quickly became the textbook definition of "zombie".

Joining us before the film to discuss the theoretical neuroscience of zombies and the psychological effects they have on others is psychiatrist Steven Schlozman, MD, a self-described zombie film fanatic and pop culture enthusiast. What would the brain of a zombie look like? What can neuroscience tell us about zombies’ lack of executive function, lousy balance, and outsized appetites? From a psychological perspective, why do normal people, in the absence of being infected, descend to sub-cortical zombie behavior in almost every zombie movie? And just what is it about the concept of the living dead that continually fascinates audiences? Zombie fans will have lots to chew on…

Steven Schlozman is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and lecturer in education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is the editor of the "Youth Culture Column" for the Newsletter of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and he writes about the interface of popular culture, music, and the humanities throughout medical education.

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